Creating My Own Life

The older I get the more capable I feel.

I feel more capable about taking on a project that takes a year than I did a year ago because a year percentage wise is lower than it was before.

If I was a one year old, another year would mean the equivalent of a 100% of time that I’ve been exposed to.

On the other hand, if I’m 100 years old, one year holds a weight of 1% and one year doesn’t seem as daunting as it did before.

When I look at adults now, I’m looking at them as an adult. This scared me at first but now at 23 and fishing my first graduate degree, I’m coming into my own in understanding what I’m capable of if I’m willing to push myself at a healthy pace.

Of course there’s still much learning to be done but that will always be the case and I think that coming to terms with that fact and embracing it has been huge for me. But what has always been huge for me is the idea of taking responsibility for myself, completely, for all that comes into my life.

I know that if I do what is right for me and enjoy life along the way, my perception of the universe has no choice but to form to the results of my actions. And my actions are a result of my thoughts and my thoughts are the product of my mind.

So if I treasure my mind, guide my thoughts, and take responsibility for my actions, I know that I am capable of crafting the life that fits me.