Do What’s Best in Your Life, for Life

The most important asset you have is the one that you’ll never get back: Your time.

I was at a meeting were my presence wasn’t needed. When I thought about this meeting in the days before I realized that I didn’t need to be there because the people involved where much more capable of handling the objective of the meeting with out me.

I thought about just letting everyone know that I wasn’t going to come. And then I thought about how important it is to keep my word so I decided to follow through with what I told others to expect of me.

I showed up and planned to cut this hour long obligation in half and told the people that I was leaving within a half hour.

The confused looks on these people’s faces made me feel like I had let them down and that they wanted me to stay longer, even though that didn’t need me at all. My one colleague looked at me and said “really??” with eyes as large as an owl’s.

I simply said “I can’t stay” although I wanted to spit out other excuses that sounded better. On the way to my next assignment of the day I replayed my colleagues disbelief in my mind. And then I thought to myself, “So what? Who cares that they wanted me to stay longer. This is my life and I’m going to do what I know is best for it and leaving early was what was best for me at that moment and I don’t owe any one any explanation as to how I’m going to spend the finite time that this life has offered me.”

If your intentions are pure and you’re looking to contribute to your community, you know what’s the best way for you to do so. Don’t allow the thoughts, feelings and opinions of others stop you from doing the best that you can with the life you have.

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