Don’t Stop Living, Don’t Stop Creating

I think we’re all creative but some times our fear of being wrong stops us from doing so. The pursuit of perfection has hindered many us from our potential and the system that we’ve become accustomed to doesn’t encourage trail and error but trail and error is where growth takes place.

When we push ourselves beyond what we believe we can be pushed if and when we come out on the other side we realize a little bit more of what we were capable of than before. Creativity is no different. The ability to connect multiple things that seem separate and combined them to make a single unique property is what creativity is and this scares us.

It scares us because those multiple things seem separate to us and combining them in a why that makes sense is a risk. We don’t necessarily know if these things will combine in harmony and the reward of them potentially creating something of significance is outweighed by the fear that others will not understand it, not appreciate it, not accept it.

So then we confuse our creative achievements to the achievement of ourselves. We subconsciously carry this feeling of that when someone rejects our creative work they’re also rejecting us.

Being creativity is risky because you don’t know for sure what’s on the other side, but the same goes for life and that doesn’t stop us from living.

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