Enjoy the Moment

Why are we rushing? Why such the fast pace? Where’s the destination?

We have a finite time on this planet, and we’re all aware of this fact, either consciously or subconsciously.

We understand that this world doesn’t offer us an unlimited amount of resources, and that time is the most valuable resource of them all. So it’s a wonder to me of why we want things to happen so quickly?

The quicker things happen, the quicker we reach the end of our lives, but we don’t like to think of getting things done fast and rushing our way through life in this manner.

Instead, like most things we do, we think short term. We reflect on how getting ‘x’ done now will free us up to do more of ‘y’ later. We want to increase our output to increase our input. We want quantity over quality.

Instead of thinking about how fast can we get ‘x’ accomplished, what if we thought about how well we could create the highest quality of ‘x’ and enjoy the moment while doing it?