I Haven’t Figured it Out and Never Will

I’ve often times viewed myself as a traveler in life, moving from one destination point to the next. One stop was making it on to the high school basketball team, another stop was getting a drivers licenses and then making it into college. I figured a huge destination point was actually graduating from college and once I made it to that stop, I’d be in a much better position to understand life in general.

Three months after making it to the graduation destination point, I still haven’t figured it out and maybe because there’s nothing to figure out. There’s nothing to figure out because I’m here. I’m alive right here and now and that’s all that I need.

I don’t need a grand master plan. I don’t need to know where I’m going because where I’m going doesn’t exist. The only thing that exists is right here right now. The only thing that exists is this present moment in time and the better I’m aware of what’s happening now, the better I’m aware of what exists.

I exist and I exist in this moment in time. That’s all there’s ever been and that’s all that will ever be. I just have to appreciate every moment that I can to the fullest and give it all I got. I can do this anytime and anywhere on this destination to enjoying life at every stop along the journey.