I’m Becoming a Better Failure

Not getting it right is an important part of the journey to success. For most of my life, I spent time avoiding failure, avoiding losing, avoiding mistakes. I started to avoid these things to the point where I was playing the game not to lose rather than playing the game to win and that mind set has stifled my progress.

I’m becoming better at failing. That doesn’t mean I strive to fail or that I fail more often but it does mean that when I do fail I’m much better prepared to handle it. I’m more confident in my strengths and aware of my weakness which gives me the ability to look at my failures and learn from them so that I don’t repeat them.

This type of mindset has freed me from the fear of failing, a fear that lessens the ability to take risks and bounce back during times of adversity. Failing gives us an opportunity to look at things with a fresh perspective and also the chance to analyze a better alternative that we never new existed before failing.