Making it Better

Complaining takes energy and time away from what you could be doing to fix the thing you’re complaining about.

Complaining is an attempt to distract you from the work that will place you in the best position possible. Sometimes the best position possible isn’t what you want however it will give you a chance to be ready to move on to the next step that needs to be done.

Complaining is a way of looking how things should be rather than being with the way things are. In the realm of the way things should be, there’s no control. In the realm of the way things are right here right now, you at least have the chance to do something about it and doing something is the only thing that matters.

The world rewards action and when you complain, you also take resources away from being fully active.

Instead of complaining, work. When you work you don’t have time to complain or think about how things should be. You began to work with the way things are and how you can it better.