Our society is horrible at dealing with failure to the point that we’d rather not try than fail. We’d rather take shortcuts, then measure twice to cut once. Even the word “cut” serves multiple meanings in our language. Emotionally, a cut from a job, a team, or off from another human can feel the same way as a cut does to the skin.

It’s a pride thing. Our pride gets hurt when we make mistakes because we realize that we’re human. When we make mistakes, we become exposed to the effort that must be taken to correct it, and sometimes we don’t have the confidence in ourselves that we are capable of improving upon the mistake.

The thing with mistakes though is that they are a part of learning. They are a part of the experience and there’s no substitute for experience. By default, there’s no substitute for mistakes.

We need to do a better job in fostering the mind to better handle mistakes. Mistakes are not fatal and can be used for good. But you have to be the one that makes that decision to use them for good. No one is going to do that for you.

By sweeping mistakes under the rug, or not even looking at the rug period, is not going to best utilize the mistakes we make. We need to encourage safe mistakes and see them for what they are: opportunities.

When we mess up, there’s a chance to do better the next time. Could you imagine how boring life would be if there were no room for improvement?

If you knew that you were going to get an “A” every time. If you knew she’d say yes to that date every time. If you knew he’d say yes to that sale pitch every time.

On the other side of the unknown is an opportunity to experience another range of experience that this existence may have to offer. It’s up to us not to make the mistake of taking mistakes to seriously.