Moment to Moment

Why are you anxious? What good does that do? Thinking about what happened before or what may come about serves no purpose because neither of the two lives in the present moment and the present moment is the only thing that truly exists.

The present moment is the only moment that you have control over. Adding anxiety into the mix takes energy away from your ability to approach the current moment to the best of your abilities.

Thinking about work when you’re at home and thinking about going home when you’re at work takes away from where you are right here right now.

Thinking about what they said before or what they may say after you do something you’re unsure of takes energy away from right here right now.

Worry about what already happen makes as much sense as an antelope who just escaped being eaten by a lion and yet continues to run away with the threat no longer being there.

Having your mind race around like a startled antelope with no present danger takes precious resources away from being the best that you can be.

You don’t have to allow it because you’re in control of how your mind perceives the present moment. You can make each action, each step, each moment your perception of the world, moment by moment.