Professors that I’ve taken classes from have mentioned the cardinal sin of multitasking and how studies have shown that there’s is no such thing as effectively executing on multiple tasks simultaneously.

They say something along the lines of “you’re just doing multiple things inefficiently.”

I agree with this. I can’t do two things at the same time and expect my best effort to be applied to both of them, so I focus on one thing at a time and dedicate all of my energy to what I’m working on.

But at the same time, why would you ever need to multitask in the first place? In this fast pace society that values quantity over quality we often find ourselves feeling the pressure as if we have a slave driver demanding that we get a lot of things done in a short amount of time. This leads to multitasking and not doing as good of a job as you would if you were focusing on one thing and one thing alone.

Sure it may take time and effort to be discipline enough to execute to your best ability one thing at a time but if we are patient and persistent, we can eventually accomplish anything we want and do it with the highest quality possible. If someone doesn’t like that approach or doesn’t have the patience for you do that then maybe it’s not that you should consider multitasking or not, it now becomes if you should be working with/for this person or not.