Reading is an Action

There’s people who don’t believe reading as a process of taking action.

The thought of sitting down in one place with your attention on one thing doesn’t really seem productive, it seems counter productive and a waste of time while you could be off doing something else.

I disagree.

I believe reading to be an action and a key to creating success. Taking the time to select a book by going through all of the many genres of topics and selecting something that draws your attention is a action in it of itself.

Sitting down and focusing on something is a action that trains the mind to concentrate better.

Being exposed to new ideas may spark something that may prompt you to take action in both your professional and person life.

Being exposed to new words and phrases widens your world because you can process an idea in different context than you could have previously.

Reading what someone else’s perspective has to say about the world and for your brain to process it and apply it to your life is also an action.

Writing notes in the margin, underlining the things that resonate with you, and folding in the pages of the ones that stick out are all actions and go beyond just sitting there blankly looking at a bunch of pieces of paper with words on it.

Reading is taking action, it’s only the way you approach reading that determines if it’s an action or not.