That Guy

My girlfriend and I where ordering ice cream when all of the sudden we heard a loud screech from a car driving over a curb behind us.

We looked back to find a guy upset and driving a brand new car that had rode right over the top of a parking curb.

The guy tried back up but was stuck on the curb and this only made him more upset. He frantically got out of his car to see if there was any damages and began to yell “That guy! That guy behind me didn’t want to back up and that’s why this happened!”

He was embarrassed that he drove over a curb and even more so that he was stuck. He was also shifting responsibility to someone else for the reason why he made the decision that resulted in him driving over a curb.

Instead of looking internally, he blamed his poor driving on something outside of himself.

I’ve done this many times in different aspects of life. I’ve blamed “that guy” before.

Whether it had been in school or in sports, or even in business, it’s always easier to blame “that guy” before we take responsibility ourselves.

But once we blame the other guy and take responsibility away from ourselves, we also take away are ability to change our lives into the life we want because we’re not being mature enough to take responsibility for both the good and the bad which are aspects of life that teach us and help us grow.