The Global Brain

Yesterday I was watching an ant crawl across the floor. This was a normal ant, nothing abnormal about it or anything spectacular but when I thought about the size of the ant and the amount of distance it was covering, it made me wonder how fast a ant is relative to humans. I typed it into google and received more info on how fast ants are than I could ever read in an entire life time.

This is one example of questions we have on a daily basis that can be answered by the “global brain” that is the internet. If I had that same question 20 years ago I would have had to drive to the library in hopes that someone took the time to write a book on it and even then if I found a book that talked about ants I would have had to spend more time digging deeper to find the exact answer to my question.

The internet has given us the ability to tap into a wealth of knowledge that has never been seen before. If you’re reading this post, you know how to use the internet but I urge you to not take it for granted and to use it to its full capacity. Anytime you’re in a friendly argument, any time a person pops into your mind, any time you become curious of the world around you, use the tools that you have to find facts, connect with that other person and learn more about life in general because in 2016, that’s what the global brain allows us to do.

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