The Guys Who Got Me Writing on Medium

Gary Vaynerchuk is the reason I’m on Medium in the first place.

I first saw him on Cyberdust and I didn’t know who the hell he was.

I thought he was some random guy with a last name I couldn’t pronounce and probably not as tech savvy as I.

That couldn’t have been further than the truth.

I started seeing Gary blast links of his content on Medium and I wasn’t sold on him until I read a post he wrote that talked about Medium being a great place to blog because the people who are on the platform are people who want to read/write blogs, just as someone who wants to watch video’s goes on Youtube, and those who want pictures go on Instagram.

The post made sense to me and so did he. This lead me into the rabbit hole of Gary Vaynerchuk videos and podcasts.

I also went down another rabbit hole, the Seth Godin rabbit hole.

I watched all of his videos on Youtube (okay not all, but a lot) and listed to his podcasts interviews.

One of the things that consistently kept showing up in his interviews was his suggestion to blog every day, to organize your thoughts, stick to a commitment, show up, do the work and ship it out for the world to see.

For the past 16 years, millions of people have benefitted from his blog everyday and the best part is, he started his blog on a website that he didn’t own (for those of you who think you should blog on your site alone).

Thus the magic happened.

What Gary was telling me made sense and what Seth Godin was showing me made sense, I then had to do the only thing that made sense:

Blog everyday on Medium.

I’ve been doing so for the past 58 days and it’s benefitted me both professionally and personally.

I’m a better communicator both written and orally and I’m not afraid to go after it everyday and create something for the world to see.

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