The Way to Remove What’s In Your Way

We go through life with having the idea that we don’t have control over our own time. We come out of the womb humbly dependent on others, and as soon as we become capable of taking care of our basic personal needs, we are sent to school to follow a schedule designed by other people.

And then when we get home, we have a time set to do homework/ recreation before bed that’s also established by someone else.

And then when we get a little older, we become accustomed to the schedules mentioned above and then we through extracurricular activities on top of it. We have music lessons after school at a time set by someone else. We have basketball practice after school, set by someone else.

You have youth group, Sunday morning church service, and holiday family dinners at a particular time throughout the weeks, months and year, all set by someone else.

You do this all the way through college, and you’re looking at a minimum of 20–25 years of your time being completely dictated by someone else.

Well, you have your own life, and in your own life, you have your own time. How will you manage the hours that aren’t managed by other people? That’s where the magic happens. That’s where you can get better, or look for areas to get better. That’s where you can push yourself past your comfort zone so that you come out on the other side quicker, stronger, faster.

This is where you can prepare to dominate any and everything that’s in your control to your fullest capacity. This is where you can become aware of the obstacle(s) in your way, and plan action to attack them and remove them from your way.

This is where you can find your “way” whatever that may be.

Look at your day. Look at your hours. That’s all you have and all other people have. Make it work for you, not the other way around. Take advantage of the opportunities that life presents to you to prepare so that way all you have to focus on is execution.

Yeah sure, there’s going to be times throughout your days and weeks where something pops up that you weren’t prepared for. But if you’re as prepared as possible for your day, when those unexpected tasks pop up (and they always do), you’ll be able better able to stop the bleeding, from stopping your day or week from spinning out of control. You can better limit the damage by having all of your other ducks in a row in other places.

When these unexpected challenges arrive, you’ll be able to focus solely on execution on the task at hand if you’re prepared. There’s no need to worry about these unexpected situations because you’re prepared to smack it right in the face with all you have until it’s done and finished with.

You’ll be able to see these challenges more clearly which will give you the ability to use all of your resources and become hyper aggressive at removing it from your bandwidth.