Using Your Failures as Stepping Stones

When we get over invested in the outcome of anything, it tends to stifle our creativity and limits our risk taking because if things don’t work out the way we want them to, we believe that we’ll walk away limping and licking our wounds.

Instead of looking at the world like it’s black or white, cut and dry, this or that, we can have a more fluid outlook to the way things work and look at our actions as a testing ground for what works and what doesn’t.

Both what works and what doesn’t are good if we change the way we look at each.

Obviously what works is good because we know what we need to do to continue our success.

But what doesn’t work can be good if we view it as an opportunity to learn and grow by gaining information on what not to do next time.

Having this outlook is a mentally that’s not afraid of failing because you understand that failure is not fatal but simply a stepping stone toward the path of success.