I write this while at the airport waiting for my flight back home after spending a week in Florida.

The reason I came down here was to hangout with my good friend who goes to a University down here.

When we went to the beach yesterday he told me something that stuck out to me.

He said “When I’m not in class or when I’m not studying, it’s just like I’m on vacation every single day. “

I understood what he meant. He had time to relax in an environment with great weather and was surrounded by people who had a vacation like mentality.

It made me realize that when I get back home to beautiful North East Ohio, that vacation like mentality won’t be there.

I may not have a vacation like environment, but I do have the ability to cultivate a vacation like mentality from within.

A mentality that is grateful, joyful, and open to new things can be brought everywhere and anywhere at any time and that’s exactly how I’ll live wherever I find myself.

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