What Should I Do?

I’ve asked to many people “what should I do?” to many times.

I believe that most of us know what the answer is and just want reassurance or even some one to talk us out of making a decision so that the responsibility of that decision can be shifted to them and if things don’t turn out well, they’re to blame not ourselves.

I believe we know the right answer but sometimes the right answer is also the most difficult choice. “What will my Mom think?” or “What will my boss do?” are all questions that we ask ourselves when battling the “what should I do?” questions.

At that point it comes down to internal and external factors. Internally you know what the best decision for yourself is however you’re unsure what will happen externally as a result.

This scares us and the unknown brings fear to most of us. But when we realize what we have control over and what we don’t, the internal factors being the things we can control compared to the external that’s out of our control, we then can see the unknown as a learning tool instead of a threat that paralyzes our decision making.

You know what you should do. Do it and learn from it.

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