Where’s the Fun in Forever?

Time is a non renewable resource.

I can give you a $100 and get that back next week. But If I give you 100 minutes of my time it’s gone forever.

We humans are finite creatures. We don’t live forever. Not living forever brings a sense of urgency along with it, and it gives us a purposed for doing things now rather than waiting to do it later.

Miguel said it best “Where’s the fun in forever?

Forever gives us the freedom to put things off.

Forever takes the meaning away from tomorrow.

Forever gives us unlimited supply which ultimately lowers demand.

With that said, there’s no time to be discouraged.

There’s no time to become disheartened or down on yourself.

There’s no time to daunt and complain about what happened in the past or become anxious of what may happen in the future.

There’s only time to be right here, right now, enjoying the right things for the right reasons.

If something didn’t go your way, learn from it and become better because of it.

Time is passing by wether you like it or not. You don’t have control over time but you do have control over how you use it and what you learn from it.

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