Why I was afraid of Failing Out of College

I still haven’t finished college. I’m about 6 months away from doing so, but I still freak out sometimes and think that I may fail even after 3.5 years of passing all of my classes.

I’m quickly approaching the finish line but I still become afraid of failing every now and again. Why? Because I’m inpatient.

Let’s say I fail a class or two that prevents me from graduating in the next 6 months. What happens next? I sign up for more classes in try it again. Now I understand that will take more time and more money (okay a lot more money), but who cares?

It’s not like my world is going to collapse and I end up on the street homeless because I couldn’t pass my senior project, I’ll just do it again and I’ll do it even better the next time around when I know what not to do.

This can be applied to other things in life outside of the context of school. It can apply in a job situation, a relationship, even our a ever changing of perspective on life.

It’s okay to fail and I have to be humble enough to understand that people aren’t watching my every move thinking “Is Louis going to graduate? He better.” I’m not that important for others to be concerned about my bachelors degree, and I won’t be concerned to the point where credit hours and a piece of paper stating that I completed the required amount to dictate my happiness.

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