Work Mode

As soon as I pulled into the drive way after finishing work, I was texting a client to set up a meeting for the next morning.

I began to go over the next morning in my head and thought about all of the work that I needed to do to prepare and the work that needed to be done after the meeting until I realize that I had a full 13 hours before I had to do any work at all.

Although I was done with work at the office for the day my mind was still in work mode.

I’ve been stuck in work mode for hours, if not days before and it has taken me away from the present moment. Work mode has placed my mind in a world of thinking about what happened before and what might happened next, all the while taking me away from what’s happening now.

I can always decide that I will enjoy right here and right now because right here and right now is the only thing that is and the only thing that there will ever be.

If I tell myself that I will be fully invested in what’s happening right here and right now then I can do that at work, off work, and everywhere else in between.

Thinking about being off work while at work and thinking about work when you’re off work does not allow you to be aware of life at its present moment.

Life at its fullest is revealed wether it be for better or worst when you are aware of the present moment. Being in the present moment is what life is and being aware of it can happen at anytime or any place.