5 Lessons From Completing The 75HARD

The 75HARD is an internet challenge dubbed as the “tactical guide to winning the war with yourself.”

Andy Frisella, the host of the MFCEO podcast, created the 75HARD to teach listeners how to cultivate discipline, integrity, and physical and mental toughness.

In this post, I share the five most significant lessons I learned from completing the challenge this summer.

What is the 75HARD?

To complete the 75HARD, you must do six things every day.

  1. Follow a diet that you set for yourself. No cheat meals.
  2. Do two 45-minute workouts.
  3. Do not drink alcohol.
  4. Take a progress picture.
  5. Drink one gallon of water.
  6. Read 10 pages of nonfiction. …

It’s my 21st birthday — I wanted to write something

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Marina Bay Sands Casino — Singapore

Obligatory Reference to COVID-19

My 21st birthday is during a pandemic. Boo hoo. Sad face.

Pity party over.

Here’s a quick story followed by a bunch of life lessons.

After bombing a math test in my first month of college, I overreacted so dramatically that I developed an obsessive and vague drive to “get my shit together” that continues to this day.

I turned things around in that class in a few library sessions, but that initial panic and taste of mediocrity launched me into a frantic passion for making as many high-quality decisions as early as possible in life.

I started reading books on success, productivity, and entrepreneurship.

I started journaling and reflecting on life. …

9 Takeaways from The Third Door

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Photo by Michael Petrila on Unsplash

“If you accept conventional wisdom from conventional people living conventional lives how can you expect to be anything but conventional?” — MJ DeMarco

Every 16–24 year-old needs to hear Alex Banayan’s story.

But, before we get there, we need to answer one question.

What is the Third Door?

If life is a nightclub, most people will spend their entire lives in the mile-long line at the front door.

They’ll crawl ahead inch-by-inch for hours. If they’re lucky, they’ll be admitted by the bouncer before the night is over. This is door one.

Some people have money, fame, or privilege and can use the VIP line. They are ushered to the front and come right in. …


Louis Shulman

Insatiably Curious | Comp Sci and Business Student at The University of Alabama

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