All of these Apps

There’s an app for that app. As my friend Ashley says: The future is not an app. Will the next revolution be app based? We’d argue no.

People pay $5 in New York City for the app that tells them where on the platform to stand so they get to their destination faster. That’s some serious awareness of your productivity. Personally, I prefer to let a minute be a minute and stand wherever I like.

With the exception of snapchat, all of my apps are basically things I use in life or on the internet with a convenient form for my phone: the likes of google docs, mobile banking, soundcloud.

Does that discredit all the apps out there? Of course not. I just haven’t found any revolutionary enough to change my life.

But many see apps as the future. Here fits the saying: “everyone wants a revolution but no one wants to do the dishes”. A mobile application that will actually change your life will be because you’ve decided to change your life. Not because an app made that change possible. An app may let you connect with people but your connection is the most valuable part, the dishes, the work.

It’s the human factor that’s forgotten. In data science you learn to never forget that data exists and it’s use is completely dependent on human analysis. There is no data analysis without the human component. There is no life changing app without the human component.