What is Serverless Communication?

I buy local, organic food as much as I can. I care about the state of the earth and it’s one thing I can do to embody these feelings. I also like to consider my energy consumption. I think we disregard computing as a source of energetic waste. Large servers and data centers centralize the information we send around.

Data centers and large servers store all of our information.

The number of data storage centers and servers are rapidly increasing and is the number one source of greenhouse emissions in the information technology sector

So what? Am I supposed to stop using email, stop using whatsapp, delete my facebook because I’m concerned about my energy usage? That’s pretty unrealistic. But it is time to consider the growth of servers to store information unsustainable and consider solutions.

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Blockchain technology is serverless —

In Brooklyn, there is a community utilizing serverless blockchain technology to maintain a collective solar grid.

Instead of information being sent to a central server, an immutable copy of a digital ledger is held on each device.

Servers receive, amalgamate, and disperse data.

Serverless transactions have multiple benefits:

  1. Can help mitigate energy problems associated with central data storage centers
  2. Allow privacy between participants
  3. Democratize data, allowing a copy of the ledger to be viewed by each participant

There are creative solutions to the energy crisis coming — and blockchain will be an important source of digital infrastructure to allow this to happen.

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