Do you know your pain triggers

McGill photo

There are countless reasons why adults 50 plus experience low back pain, including disc degeneration, arthritis, injury, muscle weakness and more. In fact, low back pain is one of the most common and poorly understood chronic conditions in older adults. One researcher making major contributions to the field is Dr. Stuart McGill. When a client comes to McGill with back-related issues, he works to pinpoint specific pain triggers before going into the solution mode.

Knowing the pain trigger acts as a road map to build a pain-free foundation. This begins with using pain-free alternative movements that cause less stress for the back, giving the pain-sensitized tissues a chance to rest, heal and grow.

McGill is famous for the ‘McGill Big Three’ exercises that help relieve and prevent back pain. His highly informative interview is eye-opening if you are experiencing any type of back-related pain. His investigative process for identifying the root cause of back issues and his suggested solutions can make a huge difference in how you live your day both at the office and at home. I am especially smitten by his ‘nerve flossing’ technique.

Check it out.

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