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Mar 13 · 5 min read

Wondering how to change your Facebook Page URL?

It’s pretty simple, though Facebook once said you can’t.

I checked all of the Pages I admin, and the option to change the Page URL was readily available. Here’s how.

UPDATED with new text and screenshots March 2019! Yes, this article is actually correct, unlike those others.

We will cover:

  • Rules for your Facebook Page username.
  • Best practices and cautions when changing your URL.
  • Exactly how to change your Facebook URL in 2019.
  • Plus a video walkthrough of changing your Page and profile URLs.

NOTE: Here are the instructions if you need to change your Facebook Page NAME, instead of URL.

What’s your Facebook Page URL?

Your Facebook Page URL is the part of your web address after the https://www.facebook.com/. So in the case of my Fan Page, we’re talking about the LouiseMcom.

Facebook calls this your username. It’s also often referred to as your vanity URL.

Important rules for your Facebook Page URL aka username

Not surprisingly, Facebook has a host of rules about usernames.

  • You can only have one username for your Page or profile.
  • You can’t claim a username someone else is already using.
  • Usernames can only contain alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0–9) or a period (“.”).
  • They can’t contain generic terms or extensions (.com, .net). However I was able to append “com” with no problem.
  • Periods (“.”) and capitalization don’t count as a part of a username. For example, johnsmith55, John.Smith55 and john.smith.55 are all considered the same username.
  • Usernames must be at least 5 characters long.
  • Your username must adhere to Facebook’s Terms. source

Keep in mind that you must be an admin to create or change the username for a Page.

You may not be able to immediately create a username for a new Page if you’ve recently created several new Pages.

A Page’s username can also be removed because of inactivity.

Keep active! READ: How to Find Viral Facebook Posts.

More Facebook Page username best practices

In addition to FB’s rules, here are my suggestions to get the best Facebook username:

Choose a username you’ll be happy with for the long term. It may or may not be changeable in the future!

Keep your username as short and memorable as possible, yet…

Make it as close as possible to your true name or the name of the business or person your Page represents (ex: John.Smith, Facebook).

Regarding periods and capitalization, decide how you want it to look in the address bar, because users can type it in with or without periods and capitals.

I did see one article claiming that periods between words makes your URL more SEO friendly, as Google likes delimiters between words. I decided to forgo periods to be more user-friendly.

If the username you want isn’t available, you’ll need to pick a new one that’s not taken yet. A username may be unavailable if it’s already claimed, even if the Page or profile it’s associated with isn’t published yet.

Cautions on changing a Facebook Page URL that’s already set

Maybe you’ve decided your URL is too long, or you want to make it match your Page Name.

Changing your Page URL won’t change your Page name — the title that appears under your cover photo. However, be aware that once you’ve set a vanity URL, changing it will mean that any links to your Page will no longer work. If you don’t search out and change the old links, when clicked, they’ll lead to this cute message:

Not so cute when it means people searching for you won’t find you!

Also be aware: previously, Facebook allowed to change your Page URL only one time.

So don’t make a change lightly — you’re might have to live with this one, or start a new Fan Page.

When it comes to social media, there are no guarantees that what works today will work tomorrow!

How to change a Facebook Page username that’s already been set

Log into Facebook as the personal profile that’s an Admin of the Page you wish to change. Please do so on a computer.

Click About on the left side of your Page.

Click Edit next to your current Page username.

Enter a new username.

If it’s available, meets the guidelines, and you’re SURE you want to make the change, click Create Username.

You’re done!

How to change a Facebook Page URL: video

This 4 minute video will walk you through how to change your Page username (first 2 minutes) and after that, changing your personal profile URL.

Yes, it is still accurate even though it says 2017.

Will You Change Your Facebook Page URL?

We covered:

  • Rules for your Facebook Page username.
  • Best practices and cautions when changing your URL.
  • Exactly how to change your Facebook URL in 2019.

What do you think? Is it worth the hassle?

I deliberated for quite some time before deciding it was a necessity for me.

Let me know if you will change your Facebook Page URL!

Louise Myers

Written by

Graphic Design Expert teaching biz owners to create social media graphics for more engagement, viral marketing, and leads! https://LouiseM.com

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