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Apr 15 · 2 min read
Instagram comments blocked graphic
Instagram comments blocked graphic

Have you had your Instagram comments blocked recently?

IG continues to battle spammers, and innocent users are caught in the aftermath.

Duplicate comments, and comments with multiple users tagged, are likely to be blocked by Instagram.

But, there are a lot of possible reasons your comment didn’t post!

Read on, I’ll cover them all.

Why is my comment not posting on Instagram?

If you’re not able to add a comment, first try updating your app to the latest version.

If your Instagram app is up to date, you may be getting an error for another reason. Here are some possibilities:

  1. You’re on Airplane Mode or have no internet connection.
  2. Instagram is down (it’s rare, but you can check here).
  3. You are over-engaging (likes, comments, follows, unfollows).
  4. You included more than 5 @ mentions in a single comment.
  5. You included more than 30 #hashtags on a single post.
  6. You posted multiple, duplicate comments (including emoji).
  7. You have a brand-new account and are trying to comment on numerous big accounts.
  8. You’ve included banned words or phrases.
  9. That account has blocked you, or a word you used, from comments on their posts.

The first two, of course, have nothing to do with a block. They just require you to determine which is the cause, and take steps to fix the situation as soon as you can.

Or wait it out!

Reasons 3–9 are a bit trickier. I’ll explain these further, below.

I’ll also share tips on how long your block will last, and how to get unblocked faster!

How often can I “like” and comment on Instagram?

Instagram puts daily Engagement Activity Limits on your account. This is to safeguard against spammers using unethical growth tactics.

There’s not a specific limit for every account. You probably have a lower limit if your account is newer.

In fact, for a brand-new account, I suggest limiting your activity severely until you complete your bio, profile picture, and a few posts.

Here are some typical daily engagement limits for established accounts:

  • 1000 likes per day
  • 400–500 comments per day
  • 250 follows/unfollows per day

There are reportedly also hourly limits! Again, lower limits for newer accounts.

  • 30–60 likes per hour
  • 30–60 comments per hour
  • 30–60 follows/unfollows per hour
  • 30–60 messages per hour

Exceed these limits, and you’re put in “Time-Out.” For a period of time, you won’t be able to do any of these activities.

TBH, I see similar on every social platform. Consistency is key!

Maybe you’re excited and you want to jump in enthusiastically.

Not so fast, Sparky. Take it easy. Slow and steady wins the race.

So much more on the blog post!

Instagram Comments Blocked? How To Stop It

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