Mr Upper Middle Class (Graham)

I went on date one last week, we met in a beautiful country pub. Chickens roaming around the streets freely, chimneys puffing smoke and the sky was blue, honestly it was the most perfect setting for a date. I entered the pub and was met by the owner, who was poking the log fire, a cat neatly sleeping on a bar stool awoke by my entrance, stretched and went back to sleep. I sat by the fire with my coffee and waited a little nervous for my date to arrive.

Graham glided in on time, confident and looking smart in his suit….we did an awkward ‘hello’ kiss and he promtly ran off to the bar to order some food.

He spoke confidently about his business and the fact he had just bought a range rover sports (something or other) …I think he was trying to impress me with his financial situation. Little did he know I’m wounded and need two big strong arms to cuddle me…..not a fancy car.

As dinner progressed, I took note on the situation and realised I didnt fancy Graham, his arms looked skinny and his top lip rolled in so he would probably be awful at kissing.

I need kissing!

After dinner, deserts and Coffees …the date ended and we said goodbye, and he asked me on date two. I knew that I wouldnt go, but he was such a lovely guy I said yes. I hoped he might just not bother with me after that and save me having to say; ‘I'm sorry, im not interested’’ But he didnt and after a text message, declaring I was the best thing that happened to him that week, I felt it was a good idea to tell him the truth.

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