Mr Sexy (James )

Yesterday I went to a pub in a different village to meet sexy James. His profile on the dating site looked amazing. The three photos that he had uploaded made him look like a model, unfortunetly this is a sad aspect of internet dating and im not normally drawn to people on looks alone.

His ‘about me’ section was down to earth and witty, so that ticked a box. I didnt email him though! I thought this guy is 4 years yonger than me and without children…..he is not going to want to date me!

So i was really suprsed that he contacted me online to say ‘Hello’, he was surprisngly sweet. I say surprisingly becuase, I have often found men that look this good, are normally arrogant and dismissive. Instead James was kind, thoughtful and almost poetic online. A date had to be arranged, I was over the moon when he asked me to meet him.

We swapped numbers and I rang him a couple of days later to say hello. He had a warm sexy voice, and I felt like I was talking to a friend…..a date was arranged for teh Thursday at 12.30

Thursday arrived, I text him to say meet me in X village and I will let you know which pub when I arrive.

12.30 arrived and he wasn't there! He then text me saying he was just leaving see you at 13.30! nightmare seeing as I had to pick my son up at 1500 and I was 1 hour away from his school! I realised looking back over text messages that i hadnt said a time!

I was so hungry so ended up eating on my own..he arrived annoucing he had already eaten and wasn't hungry! Eh ….this is a date ??? He ordered a coke for himself and a coffee for me. His hair was very grey in comparison to his images but still really handsome! I liked his dress sense, with his Barbour jacket and Polo Jumper.

We chatted and drank our drinks…I just wanted to kiss him, he was so sweet and chatty, with a naughty sense of humour.

We talked about family and I found out that he’s like me, with no real family just great friends. His mother hates christmas and hes not looking forward to it on his own this year….His loneliness is off putting though. My controlling crazy arse ex was lonely when i met him. I CANT do all that again!

Interestingly he bought up the topic of children and that his first son would be called Jago. I almost named my son that, but thought it might be seen as hedonistic as Apple or North-west, so gave my son it as his second name!

The 30 mins went by so quickly and I instantly blurted out ‘lets meet again’. We hugged outside ….he told me to not judge him on his dirty car, I think he just wanted me to see its a BMW! What is it with men and trying to intice women with material items? I just want a cuddle and kissing passionately.

His face lit up with my date 2 request and when I got back I text him with a promise; that I would kiss him on the next date ….he replied 1 hour later……agonising wait for me, I started thinking all sorts of things!

What if he didnt like me…I am 4 years older than him and Ive had a child ….maybe im frumpy now…….I was very happy to read:

‘It was really great meeting you today Louise and i will hold you to that kiss’’ X J

Such a relief ….phew.

He has since text me stating that hes a really good kisser. I replied ‘me too’ ….he text me today, saying hes not use to really beautiful women actaully liking him back! Confusing as hes a lot better looking than me.

My only concern with James is that he kept asking me about my business and how well its doing or do I own my home etc He seemed very concerned about my financial situation and Im not sure if thats because hes skint or becuase hes clever and doesnt want someone who will bankrupt him. We will see….

Date two with sexy James is arranged for next Friday at 7.30

In the mean time I have Nathan to date tonight …..