Mr Titillation (Mark)

I met Mark on POF last week, he messaged me after I had looked at his account and dismissed him for being too succesful and good looking for me.

Good looking ….REALLY good looking Trauma doctor..also Lives in London …about 400 miles from me….so no point saying ‘Hi Handsome’ But hey maybe he sees something in my profile that he really likes? I met my ex online whilst living in Falmouth and he lived in London ….anything possible.

Our online dates were really chatty, mainly about life and nice stuff, he then asked if I wanted to speak on the phone, which I though would be much nicer than speaking by messenger.

He called me and instantly I knew something was wrong as it was very obvious that he was using a voice changer!!! Which made this 6.4 guy sound like micky mouse …something was up!

I hung up from him and did a search with his images in google ….Mark was actually Scott. I had a brief look over his twitter, linkedin and facebook accounts and I now know, that hes not single, nor a doctor. in-fact he is someone very high up in the finiancial industry in london. im not one to shout pervert but before I could message him and ask what was going on ….he sent me a lovely picture of himself naked holding his hard pale cock….. Which weirdly matched his very pale leg.

Thanks Scott!

I have to stop here and say, I have a 6 year old son who runs around the house naked ….I find stuff like this amusing and not sexy AT ALL! Its like i need to mother him and put his clothes back on! Naughty scott tut tut.

So Scott if you read this ..up your game, do something interesting if you're bored, have a new sexual experience….id recommend a Nuru Massage. I think you would like that.

Just dont text single mums, images of your willy! xx