Don’t be like someone else, be you!

I kinda miss China a bit…

Did you read the article where Befoune said she no longer wants to be the next Oprah? If you haven’t please do so. You don’t even have to know who she is, just read it and you’ll get her point. I like that article because it talks about the need to go into our own journey with our own challenges that we will overcome. We can admire someone personality and work without having to do exactly like that person to succeed. Because we definitely don’t have the same backgrounds nor the same realities. We can admire people and just look at the key lessons about their life and how it could be adapted to our own. But please, let’s not try to be that person.

Since I became a bit popular online, some people (mostly young ladies) told me they want to be like me. That’s scary! Firstly because I feel like they see only one side of me, the one I choose to show them, and they think they know everything about me. Someone even said I’m kind of a perfect woman. That made me laugh because I have sooo many flaws. I won’t cite them today but I’m definitely not perfect. And it’s even crazy that I have to write a post about that. What I think I am is perfectly imperfect. I try to be as true and honest as possible. I have my flaws but I don’t like pretending, faking. It really hurts when I feel like I’m doing something that doesn’t look like Me. So I try to be me with both my qualities and the flaws that I try to work on.

The second thing is, I believe we don’t need to be copies of other people when we can be much more beautiful versions of ourselves. Be authentic, original. Learn from other people’s job but add your own personality to it. If you’ve learned that they worked hard to get where they are, work hard too but in a different way, while learning from their shortcomings and successes. The only thing I do is to share what I’m passionate about. Read, write, and do videos about those things. I’ve learned from people also writing and recording videos but I haven’t done exactly what they are doing. My style and topics are different. I try to take the good out of their work to improve mine without being a pale copy of them.

The issue with wanting to be like someone is you might be disappointed once you lose that perfect idea of that person. And the danger is, you could feel like they betrayed you even if you were the only one making up fairy tales in your mind. Every person is unique with her flaws and qualities. I admire Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s writing. Maybe I once said I want to be like her, I don’t know. But I don’t want to. I want to write beautiful stories in a different way and on different topics but that will be as meaningful and heart touching like hers. I want to speak my mind as freely as she looks like she does, even if I might not say the same things like her. I want to be as careless as Mylène looks like she is, about other people’s opinions about her life. Like Befoune too. I want to read a lot about the topics I care about and be as dedicated as she is with citizen participation. I want to be as knowledgeable about things and passionate as Gauz is. But I don’t want to be any of them. I want to learn from them, their writings and journeys, and be the best version of myself that I can be, and that is what you should also aspire to.