It’s possible to love someone you’ve never seen nor meet.

“It’s possible to love someone you’ve never seen nor meet. Whether as a friend or a lover. It’s possible”

When I wrote that tweet, my menstrual pains were killing me. I should say the menstrual pains, as mum told me not to use any possessive pronouns while talking about negative things. So the menstrual pains were killing me. It was very hot. I was sweating a little bit. Hungry while not really wanting to eat anything special. And I was waiting for a boat to go home. My friend had sent me the link of a blogpost, a letter a woman wrote to the woman she is becoming. A very heart-touching letter. And as I was reading it, some of the words spoke directly to me. To the woman I am also becoming. And I thought about that friend who sent me the link. I thought about how close we’ve become during the last months even though we’ve never meet each other. I thought about how we sometimes automatically share links of articles we’ve enjoyed, passages of books we are reading.

She is not the first virtual closed friend I’ve got. And who knows, maybe like some of the former ones, at some points we won’t talk as much as we do right now. But it’s okay. It’s okay because what matters now is the relationship we have today. The ease with which we can share some words, feelings, even though we’ve never seen each other physically. As a matter of fact, I’m now wondering whether we’ve even ever had a call. Our relationship is based on texts and voice notes. Yet, while reading the article she sent me, I thought about the fact that I love her. And I thought about all the people I have loved, liked or admired, even though I met them online. For our parents, this kind of relations is crazy. I remember my dad joking at my cousin’s wedding about kids today meeting on Internet and getting married. I remember the glances of my brother and my sister, as I am the most active one on internet. And it made me laugh internally because I know there is a chance I might marry someone I met online.

I always thought things were different depending on the platform where we meet. On Tinder, everybody is supposedly there to find a date. Even if people might have different reasons, it’s assumed that the goal is to find your next girlfriend or boyfriend. So I thought the relationship that came out of there where probably different from the ones we form with people we meet on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. I thought that it was probably more sincere than when it’s premeditated as it is on Tinder. But since one of my good friends sincerely fell in love once with someone she met on Tinder, I see things in a different way.

I don’t know where I’m going with that text as it happens sometimes. I think I just wanted to let you know that even though Internet is dangerous and you need to be very careful about people you meet there, it’s also magical. So it’s okay to be scared of the unknown. It’s okay to feel like whatever you’re going through might not be normal. There are catfishes, impostors, liars, both online as in reality. But magic do happen. And it’s possible to love someone you’ve never seen nor meet. Whether as a friend or a lover. It’s possible. So I only wish you that the people you’ve met online and with who you get along so much will add some magic to your life, like the friend that made me write this article.

Tchonté P.M. Silué

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