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I had the opportunity to do a live scribbling while Nadège, our UX Lead designer, was doing a presentation about User Experience and Ethics. I never did something like this before and I took one afternoon to prepare. As I was looking for tips on the internet, I decided after the event to publish also some of mine that I learned.

#1 One pen and one marker

Really basic advice. A pen for your main drawings and a marker for contour, detail and shadow.

#2 Choose one or two colors (three if you’re a rebel)

Indeed, I think that one or two colors perfectly do the trick. Black, for the main sketches, then a lighter color, either for shadow (beige or pale grey) or contour (blue, pink..Time …

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My first internship was one year ago in Montreal. It was the first time that I was using what I learned at my design school for doing real work for real clients.

Like everyone who is reading this, maybe you know how it feels:

I was freaked out.

I was suffering from the Imposter syndrome when I received an email saying that I was taken as a design intern.

Did they read my CV? Did they understand that it was going to be my very first work experience? I should warn them that I don’t know how to use Photoshop…

Yes, I really asked myself if they had read my CV. …

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In my family, I am the first one doing -art related design- studies. So when it comes the moment to explain what I do, interaction design, it gets complicated to be understood. Even outside my house :

“Louise, what are you studying ?”

I was at my boyfriend’s family dinner and of course the question was inevitable.

“Well I am studying interaction design and I am attracted to UX Design which is …”

I lost them. I explained what I was doing but with my own designer’s words

After that, I thought : How can I explain easily what I am doing in my studies this year : UX design? Perhaps will it be a great exercise to do it thanks to a metaphor? …


Louise Gazeau

User Experience Designer @vNext, Paris.

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