Love, Adventure or Money?

A little over two years ago somebody asked me if I had moved to New York for Love, Adventure, or Money. I didn’t know it at the time, but that question was the very beginning of a new chapter in my life.

The question made me stop in my tracks.

It dawned on me that for the previous ten years I’d only focused my attention on work. I had not really pursued relationships, and had not taken any time to consider what I really wanted from life, or what made me happy.

The person who asked that question was actually a Tinder date. I’d noticed his profile because I recognized the backdrop to his picture - the Khao San Road in Bangkok. It turned out that he was a photographer who spent most of the year travelling around the world. We met up for a date, and spent the evening talking about his travels, his life, how he made his nomadic lifestyle work.

I left that date buzzing. I had not met someone so interesting for a very long time. It was refreshing to spend time with someone who had a completely different outlook on life than me. I had taken a career break and travelled for a few years in 2003, so all the travelling tales started to reignite something within me.

The next day, I headed to the Hamptons for the first time, staying with a friend for the weekend. In hindsight, the timing could not have been better. The contrast between the money-oriented scene I found myself in, and the real, genuine conversation from the night before was stark. I came back to the City with my head filled with thoughts of travelling and a simpler, but fuller life.

Hamptons view that weekend