Enjoying all the Country =)

A new type of country is here in Nashville. A part of America I never took the time to explore until now. As a first timer to “The Bible Belt,”and having been here for three days already, I successfully made my flight out of LAX. (weew). So, that was a good start to this trip.

“My person” picked me up at the airport with his step dad and I couldn’t have been happier. They brought me back to their house, which is my dream home entirely.

A two storied, cozy, fortress in a quiet neighborhood, with big lawns. An interior with thick, granite, countertops, my favorite white kitchen cabinetry, a large fireplace, molded ceilings, and book corners weaved throughout the house. I would stay hidden in the upstairs TV den if I lived here, stocked with a bar and wine cellar if it weren’t for my selfish need to sunbathe in the vast backyard at the pool and enjoy the big, green, hill landscape.

These country trees that line the landscape, I can imagine are beautiful in the fall. I’m pretty sure I have a Pinterest board with posts from this house on my wall lol. That’s how comforting it is.

While we waited at the house for my person’s mother to come home, we relaxed in the jacuzzi for a bit. They were all just returning from the CMA fest, which is where we would be spotted for the next four days.

Being my first trip to Nashville, I couldn’t wait to meet friendly, country townies, and try great food. I always think of biscuits when I think of this place. (Why).

As of now, we have enjoyed our time with family, floating in the pool with our homemade Pina Coladas, and listening to the country songs we were later jamming out to at Nissan Stadium.

I got to see acts like Chris Young, Sam Hunt, Carrie Underwood, Blake Sheldon, Eric Church, and so many more! I’m not an active country listener on my own, but I’ve always enjoyed it since I was young. I never got to attend such a festival! And from our box seats at the stadium, the view was perfect! More than I could expect or ask for in a trip to meet family.

We’ve been listening to so much country music, in my dreams, I’ve been singing songs non-stop for crap sakes. I’ve been living in the moment and letting every practical problem I stressed out about last week drift away into the summer season I love so much.

I’m the happiest woman to be with my person right now. Even happier that I get to meet all his family in this awesome city. Seeing new things, meeting new people, I’m very lucky once more.

Love, Meg

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