Mini Adventures in the Car

Before I dive into the emotional war of heart and brain, of letting old loved ones back into your life, let me tell you about my adventures in the last two days with someone I love.

My time with my grandparents was dwindling — and it was time for my special person to pick me up. This person, remaining nameless, we will just refer to as “my person.”

Because, whether things work out in the end or not, (by “end” I mean, we are together on a beach as old people, holding each other and happily smiling at one another….oh and making out too….(I know…. it’s so…. like….marshmallow goo mushy)….oh and hopefully, the sunset is in the picture too :) he will always be “My person.” But, that whole hoorah is for another story telling.

Anywho, so my person picked me up and met my grandparents for the first time. Wee! it was exciting and awesome! Open hearts are the best right?

Well, once we left, we had to hunt down my person’s car. It was a cute little car that had taken a long journey across the country and we needed to drive it to our new location, which was his new apartment. This scavenger hunt became a 2-hour mapquest for $600 in cash, which we needed to give the driver who towed it to town.

As always, the best little random car rides turn into the fun conversations you make of it. Eirgo, 2 hours and disappointedly only $400 later, we made it to the cute little car. We cleaned him off (the car) and took care of him, parking him right by the beach, where we would be staying for the night and following day.

Way up to the 21st floor, was our next hangout, in my person’s new home. The view from my person’s balcony was too good to be true! The tropical, wide-spread, iguana green palm trees lined the beach to my left. To the right were parked sailboats in a little canal nook, and directly in front of me were cute buildings, that looked city appealing, but didn’t have any negative effects on the sunset (most importantly).

We hung out on that beautiful balcony, drank red wine, edited our work (both our jobs are to edit stories online), and watched the black sky say goodnite to my favorite shade of twilight blue.

Later on, we got dressed up & chilled at a super nice restaurant in Miami. Funny how something like going to dinner seems like such a small blip in a day’s activities, yet, it can sometimes have the most meaningful effect on people.

Either way, I didn’t want the night to end.

But the next day brought more smiles and aesthetic exploration.

Love, Meg

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