Medium: Best Way to Share Editor Access

Putting up an article on Medium using Google Docs is not straightforward and can be confusing. We previously wrote about uploading to Medium using WordPress here: We tested both methods to find out what the best way to share editor access is on Medium.

This is an informational guide for:

  • Uploading articles to Medium.
  • How to use Google Docs to post on Medium.
  • Troubleshooting problems in uploading onto Medium using the import feature.
  • Which platform is the easiest to use.

Our requirements:

  • A modern and enticing blogging platform.
  • The ability to give editor’s access (publishing rights) to third or untrusted parties. It means giving the right to publish on our Medium channel without giving over complete control of the Medium account.

Posting to Medium:

  • Using Medium’s built-in writing system means it is formatted right the first time.
  • You cannot share posting access with other users, however.
  • You are limited by the bounds of what Medium’s writing application does.

Importing to Medium:

Medium allows you to import other articles that have been posted elsewhere. This could be a good option if you would like to share a post that you have posted on another platform, so long as it is your own article or you have permission.

  1. Go to your Stories and click on ‘import.’
  2. You can also go to the Medium link
  3. Copy and paste the URL of the article.
  4. Click on import.
  5. Format using their basic formatting options by highlighting the text.
  6. Add an image by clicking on the ‘+’ and then the camera.
  7. Then publish it to make the article live.

The problem:

  • Medium has only allows for owner access, which includes full rights to use the account.
  • The risk is that if someone other than the account holder gained full access, the entire account could easily be deleted.

Solving the problem:

Importing to Medium:

  • The image at the top was not imported.
  • Some titles were not imported.

Medium adds a footnote at the bottom stating where the article was imported from, which is not necessary.

Spacing was too high between the titles and text in Medium.

Testing GoogleDocs:

Spacing between paragraphs disappears and has to be manually corrected.

Pros to Google Docs:

  • Allows you to use a Google login.

Cons to Google Docs:

  • Not user friendly.
  • The layout does not stay the same when the file uploaded.
  • After rearranging the layout manually, the layout will not transfer with the upload.

Conclusion for using Google Docs:

Using Google Docs to upload onto Medium is time-consuming, not user friendly, and often fails. It is better to use another path to get files transferred onto Medium, such as WordPress or the import feature that is on Medium itself.

Conclusion for posting to Medium:

Overall, it seems like the easiest method of writing on Medium is to use their app. But using the app is limited and means that you will not be able to customize your article or photos as you would like to. Because of the personalization factor that is lacking, it is better to import your article from another post somewhere else, such as WordPress. WordPress may be somewhat challenging to import from, but it is easier than Google Docs, which simply does not work well at all.