Medium+Wordpress: Pros & Cons.

Updated 18 october 2017.

Medium using Wordpress plugin

Why: To share publishing access but not the owner’s credentials.

We spent quite some time using Wordpress to publish to Medium. We tested three set ups:

We’ve outlined our findings on the process and the outcomes below.

Our requirements:

  • A modern and enticing blogging platform.
  • The ability to give editor’s access (publishing rights) to third untrusted parties. It means giving the right to publish on our Medium channel without giving over complete control of the Medium account.

The problem:

Medium has only one kind of user access: Owner access, with full rights. Anyone having that access can delete the entire account.

The solution:

Use Medium’s API key for Wordpress plugin.

  • Step 1: Have a Wordpress website where one can edit and publish articles.
  • Step 2: Wordpress allows you to create a user for anyone and manage rights for each user, so you can give editor’s access to the Wordpress website.
  • Step 3: Link the user’s account to Medium through an API key, each user can have their own API key so that if you delete one user the others retain their capability to publish.

Pros & Cons:

Of using Medium as a blogging platform and linking it to your Wordpress website for access management.


• Publishing on Wordpress is quite simple after the initial setup.

• Medium is designed and optimized for blogging with specific features: clap, like, share, follow, recommend etc.

• Medium has iOS and Android apps for easy mobile access.


  • Articles posted to Medium through Wordpress cannot be edited from Wordpress after initial publications. The owner of the account will have to do the updates directly through Medium.
  • Medium generates previews only for hyperlinks included in initial publications from Wordpress. If a hyperlink is added during an update, it is displayed as plain text.
  • Pictures in the website post will not get posted to the Medium article. They must be manually added to the post directly through Medium which defeats the purpose of giving an editor access.
  • If you put images side by side they will appear one on top of the other on Medium.
  • There are some formatting glitches here and there with font sizes, dashes, numbering etc. -> Screenshot 01 for numbering.


Medium is a great platform to host a blog, and posting through WordPress installed on a VPS is a possible way to share publishing access, however it has some limitations and the account owner will have to update the articles after they’ve been posted.


01: Glitches with Numbering.

As on original Wordpress website
Now as it appears on Medium