Signal app without SIM: How to.

Setting up the Signal App for use on a phone without a SIM card.

Signal App on iOS and Android


- A primary smart phone; no SIM card is needed.

- A secondary smart phone with an active SIM (preferably not under your name, read our article about how to set up a burner phone).

- A Google play prepaid card.

- For Android, a burner Google account (read our article about how to make a burner Google account).

Step 1

On your secondary smart phone: Hide your outgoing phone number, usually dial *31#. Test by calling a phone in your room (note 1).

Step 2

On your secondary smart phone: Set up an account with a disposable cell phone provider, for example Onoff (note 2) or Talkatone (note 3). Pay with your Google Play prepaid card, this card can be bought in shops with cash without the use of credit cards; you can consult the following link for where to buy them.

Step 3

Install Signal on your primary smart phone and link it to your disposable number. During activation, your disposable phone number (secondary phone) will receive the activation code by SMS, or you can activate by getting Signal to call your secondary phone’s number to get your activation code.


You have a Signal app working without SIM and on a disposable anonymous number.

Pros & Cons of not having an attached SIM.


  • Harder to attack the device as no backdoor from SIM card.
  • Anonymous.


  • Must be connected to the internet from separate source: Wifi, tethering.


(1) This is to make sure the real phone number linked to the SIM card doesn’t get disclosed accidentally and only the disposable number is known. It is important to test *31# because in some countries this code doesn’t function. Phone operators block it, as an illegal function.

(2) Onoff logs the wifi SSID but not the IMEI which is an advantage over using a burner GSM phone. For extra anonymity, you can connect through a VPN in your home WIFI or through public wi-fi. The disposable phone number will redirect to the number of the secondary phone; however connection is only through WIFI (VoIP) so if you don’t have mobile data or WIFI, you won’t receive calls. Link:

US and Canada only. A free VoIP Android app that gives you a temporary phone number. You will use it to receive phone calls over Wi-Fi. Register for a new account for a new number using your new Gmail address. You may need to search various area codes to find one that has numbers available. Link :