Not Again!

On a Wednesday evening, around the time of 8pm, Dylann Roof was welcomed into bible study of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church by Rev. Clementa Pinckney. Even though the church consists of a dominant ratio of African or African-descendants more than any other ethnicity, the church still welcomed in Dylann Roof, a Caucasian individual. Dylann Roof actually sat in on the bible study for about an hour before he rose to his feet and started firing off rounds in the church.

Breaking News- The Shooting in a church in South Carolina. Just like when the news came across the television when President Kennedy was shot, this is something that you can’t forget. You remember where you were and what you were doing at the moment of this dreadful news. I was in the bed settling in for the night from a long day work and other daily chores. I turned the TV on to the news to hear of this tragedy, and words cannot describe how heartbreaking it is to hear how far we’ve gotten socially and racially.

In other words, many critics may argue that this is not a racially motivated but in actuality, it very much is so. Just the way the media portrayed this in the news made it such. They portrayed more neutral to positive images of Dylann Roof, while if he would have been an African-American, they would have negative charged images portrayed throughout the news. I also feel as though, the media is attempting to distract the public from this tragedy by legalizing “gay marriage” in all states. In summation, this event that has transpired is truly a tragedy, and racial tensions are still as real as they would be 40+ years ago.

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