10 Tips to Help You Fall in Love all Over Again

Have you and your lover grown apart? Is the spark missing from your relationship? Do you feel like the love has died down into something “comfortable” but lacking? Don’t worry, here’s how to fall in love all over again.

Every relationship has a point where it goes from fiery passion to comfortable content. Sometimes, though, that comfortable feeling can lead to boredom, or even resentment, between you and your lover, making you feel as if you’ve fallen out of love.

When that happens, it’s important to give your relationship a tune-up. The best way to fall in love all over again is to remember what it felt like when you were first falling in love. Here are ten ways to bring back the light in each other’s eyes.


Did you know that cuddling the person you love reduces stress? That’s right, cuddling has numerous health benefits including stress reduction, lowering your heart rate, and being a quick and easy way to cheer up when you’re feeling down. Romantically, cuddling also keeps your bodies close together blending each other’s energies and really “feeling” each other.

Spend Time Apart

You can’t cuddle all the time, though. For couples who are going through a relationship rut and not exactly feeling romantically inclined a little time apart might do you some good. You know what they say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Time apart lets you and your lover breathe and think and, most importantly, miss each other.

Have Separate Hobbies

My mom is a housewife, which means that her entire world revolves around the kids and husband. Now that the kids are grown and the hubby is at work all day, she gets bored. Her only reprieve is when he gets home so she has company. That’s okay for many women, in fact, I know a lot of people who rely on their partner to be the center…and often only part…of their world. It is not healthy, though. You end up relying too much on your other half and your life no longer feels like your own after a while. It’s important to have separate hobbies, not only so you remember who YOU are, but also so that you have something to talk about with each other.

Have Something Special You do Together

Another way to fall in love all over again is to find one thing that is all your own. Aside from separate hobbies, you should also take the time to find a hobby to do together. Gardening, jigsaw puzzles, a weekly board game…a hobby together will keep you together.

Make Love…Often

When we’re in a deeply committed relationship the love and sex become one and the same. If you and your lover aren’t having sex on a regular basis, then you’re not going to feel the same kind of love towards each other. A very easy way to fall in love all over again is to have sex, as often as you possibly can!

Eat Meals Together

If you’re not sitting together at the table every night eating dinner and talking about your new hobbies, then you’re missing out on one of the best ways to fall in love again. You have to share family moments. In today’s rushed working world where couples are attached to their phones and have separate jobs at random hours, a daily meal together is not only a chance to relax for a moment, it’s also a great time to really talk to each other.

Go On Date Nights

Let me ask you something, when is the last time you and your partner went out on a date? Was it a few months ago? A year ago? Before you got married? Relationships lose their spark because couples forget how to, well, couple. People in long-term relationships become one entity and assume they know everything about each other, or even worse, they assume they no longer have to date each other because they’re already a couple. This couldn’t be further from the truth! You have to go out and date so that you keep that energy and spark in your relationship alive! Leave the kids with a sitter and go to a nice restaurant at least once a month. You know, someplace that has actual tablecloths.

Have Meaningful Conversations

Everyone talks about his or her day. We all tell our lover the latest office gossip, the family news, and all the mundane crap that isn’t exactly inspirational. Why don’t you try having meaningful conversations instead? Have you ever lay under the stars and talked about whether or not there’s life on other planets? Have you ever discussed Plato or Nietzsche? Get past the everyday conversations and talk to your lover about something more fulfilling every now and then. Intellectual stimulation can be even more rewarding than sexual stimulation.

Be Polite

Another way to bring back the love in your relationship is to remember your manners. Seriously, when couples get too comfortable with each other they not only show off their laziest side (not showering for days, burping at the dinner table, etc.), but they also stop appreciating one another. Don’t let this happen to you and your love. Remember to be polite and appreciative by saying thank you, looking nice (or at least clean), and genuinely caring about how their day went. Politeness never goes out of style.

Be Intimate With Each Other

Finally, if you want to fall in love all over again you have to be intimate with each other. Intimate doesn’t necessarily mean making love, it means sharing personal moments. Hold hands in public, hold each other when you’re falling asleep, talk in bed after the lights are out, little things like that. Those moments that you share with each other and nobody else are so very important in a relationship, make sure you’re having those intimate moments as often as you can and you’ll quickly feel yourselves falling in love all over again.