Looking.Out.The Window

There are those questions to which; you must stand on solid ground.

Perhaps this is faith talking. You are not alone.

Adhere voluntarily to that which is right not that which you want. If a man must stand on the war ground with his business, he must recognise the large field of possibilities paramount to rising above or falling below. You cannot wait for it to come to you, you must go for it. The same way you know you can reach for it to get it, you should also know in that light that you will not be lazy; neither will you be drunken. Listen to me you are not King Lemuel, but you know that which you can be, and you know nothing is new under the sun — so you cannot be these other things and be the true element of success that you are.

It sounds hilarious, only because it’s difficult to achieve. But at a decision and mention, You will become and go beyond your wildest dream

Do not sit still and allow the thoughts of laziness and distraction vanquish you.

Laziness happens in the now and pushes itself conveniently with the wishful thinking of lust and desire, do not let it deceive you and make you think or even scare you further into laziness, as you will then, see reasons why you cannot do better than your current self.

Do not allow it, you are better than that. This is the point you realise that the only way through is hard-work, and you must focus all the way through.

Idea development is different from thinking, do not be lazy and allow thoughts keep you away from the hard work.