You.Could.Have.a.Lot.More.Water.Than. You.Already.Do.

This one looked a little less dull. There was a hint of vibrancy dodgy across the face — it wasn’t evenly spread. Its eyes had nothing so fascinating to them, but the lips gave the hint. Just a slightly pleasant smile; the glimpse of excitement.

It was hard to stay still, as emotions went back and forth — so was the gentle sway to a rhythm only one person understood. “I’ve never seen a finger so straight as he mumbled “That One””

The subtle sound to a rather cognitive behavior. Danced out diligently — there was no worry; nothing like stress; or ‘a single care’ to give. The world seems like a bowl that was just a playground and everyone else seems mindless and fails to realize things were slightly tilting.

There’s apparently a vague emptiness that needed to be taken care off; a unique thirst — “Just a thirsty fish below the surface.”

It was dull, and just sometimes there was the need to go literally over the edge. “Have you ever seen a fish thrown into a glass of Very Special Old Pale?” There’s initially what seems like a struggle to survive, but from a different perspective — perhaps an excitement to live. In and out of the clear streams, if you’re lucky or a little duller, you find your way over the edge and hope to find the good ole’ water. However, giving it a little more time to settle in, “it stings as the music becomes even more subtle, and slowly I sway to the bottom of the glass. My gills sting, as I remind myself that I might not survive this swim.”

I was almost floating as they mumbled,

The end.