January 2019 overview

In August of 2018 when Paul created “LoveHearts” token, a TRC10 token under the Tron network he envisioned an online currency that could be sent from person to person on social media platforms. To quote the LoveHearts website “A wink, a hug, a like, a love all replaced by LoveHearts.”

The project was released across Twitter mainly at first and then through Telegram where it became very obvious that there were a lot of people and investors that wanted to be a part of sharing not just online money but love and positivity via LoveHearts. Partnerships were formed with TronWalletMe, TronSociety and a payment processor HummingPay as the team worked on spreading the love and developing the roadmap to provide use cases and value for LoveHearts holders.

The early roadmap had a target of March 2019 to complete the initial token sale and achieve a soft cap of 5 million TRX amongst other targets. Due to the popularity of the token sale this target was reached in November 2018 four months ahead of schedule. This helped the team realize that LoveHearts could and should be so much more and the funding allowed the forming of other strategic and exciting partnerships, to be listed on numerous TRC10 DEX, and whilst a new roadmap and website was being developed to move forward with one of our other goals of giving to charitable organizations.

Charitable Giving
During the month of December 2018 we were very happy to be able to assist the following charities to the tune of 150000 TRX each.

Sons of Saipan — a group who was actively involved with Typhoon Yutu relief aid on the island of Saipan in the Northern Marianas Islands.

Royal Flying Doctors Service — RFDS works to provide emergency medical and primary health care to anyone who lives in rural and remote areas of Australia.

Crisis UK
We are the national charity for homeless people. We know that homelessness is not inevitable. We know that together we can end it.

AHBV Vila Mea- Emergency services group providing aid including firefighting, medical and rescue services.

ZP Government High School — Donations received provide assistance for essential school supplies and scholarships to assist in further studies.

The following charities received 50000 TRX each

Make-A-Wish Netherlands, Alzheimer’s Netherlands,

Please refer to for up to date information on upcoming charities.

December also marked the start of the rewards program. This program was created to reward holders of LoveHearts as the project developed and the first of the payments were on January 1st.

Recent partnerships

Released in December 2018 Tronlotto provided another use case for LoveHearts. It was developed as an extension of the popular lottery that had been running in the LoveHearts telegram room and currently runs both LVH and TRX weekly lotteries.

WIN/PLAY GOC partnership

During the month of December 2018 LoveHearts was integrated into all of the games on

Popular games such as BlackJack, Baccarat and Roulette with many more to follow. In the near future you will also be able to mine RWD token by playing with LVH on their site.

Eggies.World and the HEARTPACK

In early January Eggies world released their first partner item that can add properties to the players monster in the game. We at LoveHearts were very excited to be the first and through the use of the HEARTPACK in combination with holding LoveHearts, players would be able to hatch EGGs more quickly and receive an advantage of increased happiness/life stats in the game. 
As a side effect to this holders of LoveHearts should see as the Eggies game grows and all 1000 HEARTPACK are in use this will tie up a considerable amount of the circulating supply of LoveHearts. Final numbers are yet to be released but as they are I am sure holders of LoveHearts token will be pleasantly surprised.

The migration to TRC20

The process of migrating to a TRC20 token was something the team had been considering and figured now was an opportune time. We are still awaiting approval from Tronscan. As soon as we receive this we will be using the method of sending to an address your TRC10 LVH and receiving back the TRC20 LoveHearts.

We will also reduce total supply from the current total supply as a TRC10 token 82 billion to a total supply of 10 billion for the TRC20 token effectively burning a massive 72 billion of the supply.

One of the major advantages to the TRC20 is being able to list on exchanges with order boards as opposed to bancor.

Another advantage is that as mentioned earlier LoveHearts TRC20 allows it to used to mine RWD, the rewards token on PLAY GOC which should increase its popularity in games played there.

The Future
 With the team to be revealed at our updated website in the month of January know we have our goals aimed high as are looking to further increase the use cases for LoveHearts including but not limited to a dating app. With the growth of the Tron network we believe Eggies game going live, growth of PLAY GOC, TRONLOTTO and Tron in general that 2019 will be bright for LoveHearts.
Remember to use your LoveHearts as well. Even a small tip using goseedit on Twitter or robominer or goseedit on Telegram shows not only the person that you sent it too that you care but also spreads awareness of the token.
If you are not already join the telegram and contribute ideas to the group or just pop by to share some love.


LoveHearts Korea

LoveHearts Russia


Follow the LoveHearts team and feel free to reach out on Twitter or in the Telegram room with any questions.

Paul: Founder- Twitter @LoveHeartsToken and Telegram

Dev: Community Manager- Twitter @Groot4Rocket and Telegram

Jack: Social Media Manager- Twitter @AusJak and Telegram

Dustin: Software Engineer- Twitter @Dustin_wtf and Telegram

Rob: Partnership Manager- Twitter @ sklaas034 and Telegram

Vitor: Senior Advisor- Twitter @Elguerrix and Telegram

Angie: Public Relations Coordinator- Twitter @InfinityTimesMe and Telegram

Author @Ausjak

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