Don’t Use Abortion As Your Platform For Supporting Trump

Dear Evangelical Trump Supporters:

The pro-life case for Donald Trump is utterly unconvincing, unChristlike, and nothing more than a grasp for power and an exploitation of the unborn. If you really want to save unborn babies, do so from a place of humility not from a place of power, through discipleship not legislation. Make your churches so welcoming to women, minorities, and the marginalized that they come to you seeking comfort, respite, acceptance, and wisdom. Love them. Preach freedom in Christ as the Bible teaches it, not as religion or fundamentalism preaches it. And then, when a woman wants an abortion, let the Holy Spirit guide her through this most difficult and personal decision. Don’t slap her with laws and punishment. Don’t prevent her from getting the healthcare she needs. If your witness truly is Christlike, lives will be transformed in such a way that women should be strengthened to do whatever they are called to do, and men would learn to respect women in such a way that women’s consciences, voices, and bodies actually matter. If you think God cares for the unborn babies and their mothers, then let him care for them through your love, not your laws.

When you support Donald Trump, you are telling all women, minorities, and the marginalized that you actually don’t care about them at all. Your pro-life movement has perpetuated shame, guilt, and immense hatred, to the point that it is nearly unfathomable to think of a woman coming to the church for guidance or care. The conversation can’t even be had. You have stifled out the real people in need right in front of you. Perhaps consider that you are putting many more unborn babies at risk than pro-choice accommodations ever would because you are trying to prevent abortions with the law instead of with love. Even if abortion is illegal, women will still get them, they just won’t be done safely. But if you confront the circumstance of abortion with love, women will not only find Christ in that, but perhaps other alternatives as well.

By saying that you support Trump because he will somehow protect the unborn, you are not only being delusional but exploiting “those with no voice” as you would say. You are using them as props so that you can grasp for power, laws, taxes and Supreme Court Justices that serve your needs and your needs alone. You have hijacked a very difficult, personal crisis in woman’s life and made it a political issue for your own gain. An unwanted pregnancy is an individual humanitarian crisis that Christians must meet with love, grace, mercy, which can take the form of resources and healthcare. It is not a political platform.

Why not instead consider the needs of the poor and the marginalized, be champions for woman and their children? What if you fought so hard for women’s rights and health that all women began to see Christians as people who were unequivocally on their side, even while much of the world isn’t. What if women could trust Christians to love and care for them unconditionally? Imagine what a difference that would make. Instead, evangelicals are now associated with supporting sexual assault, marginalizing the weakest of society, withholding basic health care, and punishing women when they find they have an unwanted pregnancy. I can’t think of anything that would make a woman feel more trapped, threatened, and without options.

Jesus said love your neighbor, he didn’t say legislate them. So let’s focus on the loving part, and just try to get that right.