Remembering service is Tourism…

Service is so much a part of what Tourism is, and we aim to find ways to improve our service delivery everyday. Its often what our clients comment on throughout their Melbourne experience ( good and not so good)

Yesterday our team was able to share our city with a wonderful delegation of Japanese and Australian VIP’s in trade. A walking tour that enabled us to engage with many Melbourne businesses that could inspire our clients with our city and our people (in a short time) 
Sometimes it is small things in service that make a day! 
A Melbourne milliner who will share her space and take the time to try hats on a novice crowd, who may not normally allow a stranger to put something on their head. Her service style is graceful, and soft, yet welcoming and inspiring, such that we all wanted to leave with one of her creations. No sales pitch, not too much talking but a really lovely honest welcome. Thanks Louise Macdonald Milliner
A visit to a long standing local brand Aesop delighted as well, where a welcome to their sculptural cardboard space was with wondrous smells, and clean lines. Testing samples were available throughout in easy access, and all our guests were given sample sachets to take home with information not just in English, but Japanese as well. Its the small things that matter, small details that make an impact.
Koko Black Chocolate is also a Melbourne brand, even after a few ownership hiccups we are pleased it remains local. Table service, water on tables, and a reserved discrete space for our guests was greatly welcomed, as well as a decadent tasting on the table for them to sample.
Our specially designed walk enabled a short, yet delightful visit to Scanlon and Theodore meaning our guests could see this ethically designed clothing without losing the class and style of the salon and brand. Fabrics, the cut of a garment, and passionate local head designers all part of the interest. Colour blocked displays, accessories all in place, and space for guest to create for an individual look are such important parts of S&T’s service.

Our final stop on our insiders Melbourne tour was amongst our cities ‘famed’ street art. How do we get to share in the service of Melbourne here — well funnily enough even in a lane where some controversial things have happened, we were able to meet with the ever insightful and passionate Shaun of Juddy Roller who provided some insights on the industry and Matt Adnate and his work in Hosier lane. Shaun took time for questions, and made sure that comments were relevant to the audience.

Yesterday was one of the many days that reminds us why we love to share this city, and also share it with others, so that they can be inspired even in a short time. #welovewhatwedo #serviceispartoftheservice.#madeinMelbourne Visit Melbourne