Introducing, Love My Provider

After years of working with children with autism, we realized a big problem existed. When families are told their child needs necessary therapy like applied behavior analysis, speech therapy, occupational therapy, they are rarely given anything more than a list of providers and told to pick one from a hat. We asked hundreds of parents how this system worked for them, and found out parents were going back to the hat every few months until they found a provider that worked for them. Parents would often pick a provider that just wasn’t a good fit for their child, wasting valuable time and resources. In addition, they might pick a provider that has very different values than what might be important to the family.

Even if a parent did pick a great provider, there was relatively no mechanism to share this exciting news with other parents. Or worse, if they had a terrible experience, they had no way of sharing this with other families to help them avoid the same mistake. More often than not, parents would dislike their provider, and repeat the search until they found one that worked, and some parents I spoke to even gave up.

We heard these stories from parents and knew there needed to be a change.

Parents should have easy access to providers in their area, that other parents have vetted. That is why our mission is to connect parents with top quality providers that other parents can trust. There is no better person to get this information from than other parents who have been there. We hope this solves a large problem in the special needs community, allowing for faster access to quality services and accountability among services provider.

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