Calling anyone who has NEVER spoken at a conference before!

Perfect. Read on.

You are hereby personally invited to submit a speaking proposal to the IIeX conference in Atlanta. Any market research topic is acceptable from eye tracking, to AI, VR, neuroscience, biometrics, panel, sampling, charts, statistics, visualization, gaming, qualitative, quantitative, and more. As long as the idea is related to market or consumer research, it’s fair game.

Submissions are due by April 4th and all you need to do right now is submit your name, contact info, and a brief idea of what you think you want to talk about. You don’t need lengthy essays or abstracts yet. Just get your name on the list.

And for those of you who have spoken at a conference before, I hereby declare that you must encourage and cajole someone who has NEVER spoken at a conference before to submit for #IIeX Atlanta. This special track is ONLY for people who have NEVER spoken at a conference before. Be a great mentor and help your colleagues learn to be a great speaker like you are.