Running from Your Self to Find Yourself At the Finish line

For many women fertility is a race! Like everything else in this country. And for the medical industrial complex in-fertility is now a disease. How convenient!

In my life as a woman, a woman once up against the walls of my own conception, a woman who has worked with other women on — natural pathway to motherhood, I see different.

In-fertility is a condition. A sign that a woman (or couple) is not ready to conceive for reasons in which the issues are attempting to point to. I often wonder why women never question or ask. themselves and their body, “Why am I preventing conception? What part of me is not ready and why?”

Pregnancy is a “whole” decision. Any blockages are messages speaking to a deeper issue, one that obviously states unreadiness. I notice that the need or correctly put…’the obsession’….to have a child exceeds the need to get to know the inner child one already embodies.

The drive to “fit in” or “live up” to standards, expectations of family and society or to paint an image or picture of a perfect family is more pressing and potent than the actual conception, pregnancy and the real deal after birth.

Every woman did not arrive here to have a child. Every woman is not suitable to be a mother and every woman does not need to be one. And the world is better off if that fact is simply accepted. But human curiosity can sometimes kill.

The question is can you still love yourself without having a child?

Can you focus on loving that child within instead?

Can your husband or partner love and accept you without bringing forth a child?

Can you be at peace with and trust your body’s attempt to tell you your own STORY?

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