Don’t Look Now, But Twitter Has Momentum With The Youth
Gary Vaynerchuk

This doesn’t surprise me at all. About six years ago I spent a ton of time on Twitter, and to Tumblr from there, and eventually I realized I was connecting with people half my age. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, except I took a year off to do grownup things, and when I came back, many of my tweeps had either abandoned or transformed their accounts due to the sudden onset of adulthood (and unfollowed my ass due to boredom).

One of my favorite things about twitter has always been that there’s no need for mutual contact. No one has to accept your friend request (which is juvenile and irritating jmo), you just basically eavesdrop on people’s shower, bus and poop thoughts. And they are brief, because life is hectic. And they are memorable, like phone numbers used to be when they were 7 digits, and as a writer they force you to make your ideas concise, which is a useful and sometimes lucrative skill. Maybe most importantly, you can run it, read it and thumb your thoughts in real time from almost any phone, so it’s an equalizer, and lots of young people have easy access. IIRC, teenagers have a surplus of 140-character sentences that they want everyone to hear. I envy them because it was really labor-intensive BIMD with paper and stamps and rotary phones.

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